Zip Voucher Terms & Conditions

Zip Voucher” are a form of Site credit redeemable only toward future Ziptango purchases. Ziptango reserves the right to discontinue Zip Bucks and may modify these terms at any time. To accumulate and redeem Zip Voucher, you must create and maintain in good standing a Ziptango customer account registered with a valid credit card. Unless required by law, Zip Voucher are non-transferrable and are not redeemable for cash.

You can earn Zip Voucher by participating in various promotional activities. In order to earn Zip Voucher indicated in the Promotional Activity materials, you must comply with the terms of the applicable Promotional Activity. Ziptango may also credit Zip Voucher to your account for refunded purchases, or for other reasons within our discretion. Zip Voucher does not expire unless otherwise specified in its promotional event.

You are responsible for ensuring that Zip Voucher you earn or are awarded as credits are added to your Ziptango account. Zip Voucher may not appear in your account for up to ten business days if a Promotional Activity must be validated. Zip Voucher in your account will automatically be the first form of credit to be applied toward future Ziptango purchases. All Zip Voucher balance will be applied in full Zip Voucher amount at once against the service fee. In the event that the Zip Voucher balance is greater than the service fee, Zip Voucher will still be fully applied in full amount all at once, and therefore Zip Voucher balance will be zero after the redemption. Once Zip Voucher is used on an order, Zip Voucher is not refundable even when that order is expired, cancelled or refunded.

Your Zip Voucher cannot be resold. Your Zip Voucher cannot be combined or merged with Zip Voucher in any other account registered to you or another End User. Access to Zip Voucher or related account information may not be sold or distributed to others. You may not use any other End User’s password or account to accrue Zip Voucher for that account. Unauthorized or fraudulent use, resale, or distribution of Zip Voucher is prohibited. Ziptango reserves the right to cancel, revoke, or otherwise prevent the issuance of Zip Voucher in cases of mistake and in any suspected case of unauthorized or fraudulent use.